20 November 2018Light up with Santa.


Thursday 29th November is the date and so be at the Cross before 6.00pm.
Santa will have Mrs Claus and the Elves helping to take your letters and hand you a sweet and an Orange. To ensure of a reply letter from Santa make sure there is a legible Name and Address and hand it over at the Sleigh. Santa cannot be certain you will get a reply after this date due to the time restraints to reply to the hundreds of letters.

During the long queue at the sleigh Mickey and Minnie of Disney fame will also remain to have photos taken with the children so not everyone needs to stand in line at the same time. The sleigh will not leave till everyone has been to visit Santa.

Just to keep in the mood why not print off a Mickey picture and colour it in. You can even put it in the envelope with the letter.

09 November 2018Handicapped and Disabled Club

Annual Foray to Entertain.

Forfar Rotarians attended the local club for people with a disability.
They took with them lots of food to share and lots of games to play.
Songs were sung, bingo was played and lots of laughter was heard.
The evening was compared by Ian Findlay who manfully tried his best to lead the singing with music accompaniment by Margaret Reid.

This is an annual event which is enjoyed by all those attending. We will be back.

07 November 2018Classic Cars


This week the Rotary Club of Forfar finalised their accounts after the third successful running of the Strathmore Classic Car Tour 2018. The proceeds from this event had once again been earmarked for the Scotland Charity Air Ambulance. President Jim McCluskey accompanied by Rotarian Members Sandy Ogilvie, Bill McLaren, Bill Reid and Ian Findlay were met at the Scone HQ by Fiona Duncan to hand over of the cheque and to be introduced to some of the crew.


The Rotarians were then taken to the control room where John Pritchard gave the Rotarians information and further insight to the types of cases where the Air Ambulance was used. Their knowledge of where and when they might be required to go anywhere in Scotland is backed up by their records, time of year, weather conditions, sporting activities etc. all important information.

In conclusion the President handed over a cheque to the charity. The sum raised was £8516.55 but with Gift Aid the total meant a cheque for £9,679 05p. This is the Forfar Rotary Club’s third cheque from the running of the Strathmore Classic Car Tour.



The 2018 Strathmore Classic Car Tour was held on a beautiful day on Sunday June 24th. The route took the crews up Glen Isla and over the Moulin Moor to the lunch stop at the Atholl Palace Hotel in Pitlochry. After a soup and sandwich lunch the route then took the cars past the Queens View, along Loch Tummel before cutting back to Aberfeldy. The route continued via Dunkeld, Blairgowrie, Coupar Angus and Newtyle to the finish at Glamis Castle.

The Strathmore Classic Car Tour 2019 is already well into the planning stage with the lunch stop booked etc. and work is in progress with route planning. The event will feature a different route taking the cars and their crews along quiet and scenic roads in Angus and Perthshire. If anyone is interested the entry form can be downloaded from the club website www.forfarrotary.org.uk

Forfar Rotary appreciate the sponsorship provided by The Fisken Motor Group and Guild Homes this year and of course all those who took part in the event its self providing us with more individual sponsorship money. The good news is that our two main sponsors have already committed to the 2019 Tour.



05 November 2018Santa Route 2018


Please keep a copy of this and save us from answering details of when your street will be visited. A print out would be a wise decision. This will be the timetable and will be held to unless we have a weather related problem. We will keep you updated on Facebook in the event of any change, should this be the case.

Monday, 26th November.

Prior Road, William Street, Helen Street, Montrose Road, Sir James Duncan Gardens, Dunnichen Avenue, Osprey Drive, Osprey Crescent, Osprey Gardens, Mossie Way, Rathwell Gardens and Priory Wynd.

Tuesday, 27th November.

Lentlands Road, Taranty Road, Langlands Road, Fruithill, Jeanfield Crescent, Teuchat Croft, Old Halkerton Road, Lintie Croft, Jeanfield Road, Potters Park and Dundee Road ( up to Potters Park ).

Wednesday, 28th November.

Dundee Road ( up from Potters Park ), Northampton Road, Northampton Place, Balmashanner Rise, Balmashanner Place, Mavis Croft, Slatefield Rise, Slatefield Place, Slatefield Gardens, Westfield Loan, Westfield Gardens, Westfield Place, Kemsley Place and Donaldson Avenue.

Thursday 28th November

Santa, Mrs Claus and the Elves will be at the Cross when the lights are switched on. Mickey and Minnie of Disney fame will also attend.

Monday, 3rd December.

Kemsley Park, Thornton Place, Thornton Park, Threewells Drive, Threewells Place, Westfield Park, Westfield Drive and Westfield Crescent.

Tuesday, 4th December.

Benholm Gardens, Drummers Dell, Briar Grove, Sheriff Park, Lochview Terrace, Graham Crescent, Grampian Park, Archie's Park, Craig O Loch Road, Glamis Road, Lawson Avenue and Lowson Terrace.

Wednesday, 5th December.

Lochside Road ( west from Bankhead Terrace)Turfbeg Place, Inchgarth Street, Inchgarth Avenue, Turfbeg Crescent, Turfbeg Rise, Turfbeg Avenue, Turfbeg Road, Lochbank Road, Lochbank Gardens, Taylor Street, Turfbeg Drive and Fyfe Jamieson.

Thursday, 6th December.

Nursery Street, Strang Street, Kirkton Park, South Street, The Ha'en, Restenneth Drive, Lord Burn Place, Pitreuchie Place, Toll Crescent, Lily Wynd, McCulloch Drive, Strangs Ley and Gowan Rigg.

Monday, 10th December.

Wyllie Street, Roberts Street, Callander Drive, Pirnie Mill, Service Road, Steadfast Lane, Esk Court, Isla Place, Lethnot Gardens, Prosen Place, Suttieside Road, Caledonian Way, Ivy Terrace, Ivy Road, St Margaret's Park, Whitehills Crescent, Station Road and Ritchie's Wynd.

Tuesday, 11th December.

North Street, Wellbraehead, Peffer's Place, Bell Place, Goosecroft, Green Street, Mosside View, Beulah Howe and Wester Restenneth in Forfar then onto Lunanhead for Restenneth Place, Carseview Terrace, Muirlands Court, Carseburn Terrace, Park Place, Priory Cottages, Well Road and Old Brechin Road.

Wednesday, 12th December.

Easterbank and Kings Road in Forfar then onto Kingsmuir for Dunnichen Road, Bunkerhill Crescent, Cunninghill View, Kingston Road, Kingston Place and Lownie Road then back to Forfar for Arbroath Road, Yeaman Street, Gordon Street, Jamieson Street, Lilybank Road and Lilybank Crescent and Strang Street.

Thursday, 13th December.

Airlie Crescent, Glenclova Terrace, Glenmoy Terrace, Glenogil Terrace, Strathmore Avenue, Gallowshade Road, St James's Road, Lyninghills, Laurel Bank, Viewmount and Hillside Road.

Saturday, 15th December

The Sleigh and Santa will be at Asda from 10.45am to 12.45pm

                                    and at Tesco from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.

Monday, 18th December.

Bankhead Terrace, Lochside Road (east from Bankhead Terrace)Victoria Street, Tweed Mill Brae, Don Street, Brechin Road, John Street, Robertson Terrace, Muir Road, Hanick Terrace and Muir Street in Forfar then onto Padanaram for St Ninians Road and Redford Road.


01 November 2018Rotary Recognition

Rotary Recognition

After the conclusion of the highly successful 500 Miles shoe collection Forfar Rotary found it fit to recognise the contribution (unpaid) to the three shops that provided collection points for the shoes. It was much appreciated and their help made the donations from the Forfar public more accessible than it would have been otherwise.

The shops involve were            

 Elements Hair Design       Andrew Begg Shoes        M+ S -Richardson Newsagents.


28 October 2018THE FINAL 500

The Rotary Club of Forfar Boot and Shoe Collection now finished.

In total, we have collected over 500 pairs of boots and shoes for the 500 Mile Charity.  These will be transported to Glasgow and then out to Malawi and other African countries. They will be given  to children and adults who have prosthetic limbs  due to abnormalities or injuries.

Thanks to the generosity of the people of Forfar and surrounding district, they will be able to lead a full life able to walk normally, go to school, earn a living  - all the things we take for granted.

How it all Started

On the 15 July 2007, Jamie and fellow inspirational amputee Olivia Giles launched a brand new charity. Jamie and Olivia, who is also a quadruple amputee, had already raised thousands of pounds between them. They teamed up to launch 500 miles, an organisation dedicated to supporting amputees by funding initiatives which deliver prosthetic services and related care in areas of desperate need. With the blessing of Charlie and Craig Reid, they borrowed the lyrics of the Proclaimers’ famous song as an aspirational goal for those they aim to help, and to give the charity a Scottish identity. 500 miles is now run solely by Olivia who has done an incredible job in getting the charity going and providing prosthetic treatment for countless children and adults in Malawi and Zambia

Our sincere thanks to all who donated allowing Forfar Rotary to once again put “Service above Self.”

23 October 2018Malawi Fruits Solar Pump

Forfar Rotary Helps make Fruit when the Sunshines

After a very interesting talk at Rotary by Kevin Simpson of Malawi Fruits Charity a few weeks ago the International Committee decided to raise the £500 required to purchase a solar powered water pump. During the months of July and August, Rotarians were given a tube of Smarties and asked to fill the empty tube with 20p pieces. Thanks to all the Rotarians and some generous donations we raised the money required.

Last Wednesday Kevin was in Forfar at the Inner Wheel Club and came along to Rotary to be presented with a cheque for £500. While there, he informed us that Malawi Fruits has been given a matching grant from the UN, so he was able to buy 2 irrigation pumps with our donation.

18 October 2018The Boyle Park

The Boyle Park.

The garden plot in the Boyle Park has been cleaned out and replanted. Provided the weather is kind then Rotarian Sandy Ogilvie can, along with everyone else admire as they walk past the old Lodge, a great show of Violas.

Well done Sandy

13 October 2018Forfarians Show their Support

Last chance to donate any good used shoes!

The International Committee of Forfar Rotary Club are soon to stop collecting usable shoes, boots and trainers to send out to Africa. This support is for the work of the Olivia Giles 500 Miles Charity which supplies prosthetic limbs to the poor in Malawi and Zambia - who have impaired mobility.

This is a Scottish Charity set up by Olivia Giles in 2008, who herself is a quadruple amputee. She is a Scottish lawyer who fell ill with meningococcal septicemia and had to have her hands and feet amputated to save her life.

People who need artificial limbs, also need boots or shoes to assist in the longevity of these appliances. So please keep any unwanted good shoes for us – MENS, LADIES or CHILDRENS – shoes, boots trainers which have laces or Velcro fastenings. No “slips ons” or heels.

Collecting as per the Poster will cease on 26th October – so this will be the last chance if you have considered donating . Drop off points will no longer accept shoes after this date.

Thank you to the collection points for their assistance and of course the Forfar Public who once again show their caring side and support for the work of Forfar Rotary.

19 September 2018These boots are made for Walking

These Boots are made for Walking

This week Forfar Rotarians from the International Committee spent time sorting out shoes which have been donated for our 500 Miles Appeal. We have been asked why the appeal is for pairs of shoes when it is needed for amputees. The simple answer is that a pair means that the artificial limb is fitted as well, giving a better stance and walking ability. This, as well as even when patients may have a double amputation or deformity that requires the use of life changing artificial limbs.

From the collection points in the town, the response has been great with praise from the public for the efforts of Rotarians by raising awareness of this much needed aid. It seems so simple, shoes lie in cupboards, wardrobes etc. and never see the light of day and yet can bring so much to the lives of those in Malawi and Zambia

International convenor Tim Hale has reported that to date we have over 250 pairs of shoes, ladies gents and childrens of all shapes and sizes and will keep collecting until the end of October so in his words “keep them coming”.

The background to the 500 Miles Charity

Olivia Giles was a partner in the commercial property department of a large law firm when she contracted the blood poisoning form of meningitis in February 2002, which led to the amputation of her hands and feet.

500 miles is now run solely by Olivia who has done an incredible job in getting the charity going and providing prosthetic treatment for countless children and adults in Malawi and Zambia.

Since then she has worked to raise awareness of meningitis and has raised close to £500,000 for the meningitis cause.

The appeal for shoes is not limited to adults but to children such as the plight of Collings Mazizi, he will need many pairs of shoes in his life as he grows up.

Collings Mazizi is 6 years old. He had suffered severe burns on his legs as a result of falling into a ditch where there were hot remains of a fire.  His feet were so badly burned that he had to have a through ankle amputation on one side and a partial foot amputation on the other.  These are his first prosthetic legs.  He is just starting to practise using them as the skin is still very sensitive to pressure and he cannot tolerate wearing them for more than a short period.  We hope that he will build up a tolerance, be admitted to school and go on to lead a normal life instead of being left on the scrap heap because he couldn’t walk.

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