18 October 2018The Boyle Park

The Boyle Park.

The garden plot in the Boyle Park has been cleaned out and replanted. Provided the weather is kind then Rotarian Sandy Ogilvie can, along with everyone else admire as they walk past the old Lodge, a great show of Violas.

Well done Sandy

13 October 2018Forfarians Show their Support

Last chance to donate any good used shoes!

The International Committee of Forfar Rotary Club are soon to stop collecting usable shoes, boots and trainers to send out to Africa. This support is for the work of the Olivia Giles 500 Miles Charity which supplies prosthetic limbs to the poor in Malawi and Zambia - who have impaired mobility.

This is a Scottish Charity set up by Olivia Giles in 2008, who herself is a quadruple amputee. She is a Scottish lawyer who fell ill with meningococcal septicemia and had to have her hands and feet amputated to save her life.

People who need artificial limbs, also need boots or shoes to assist in the longevity of these appliances. So please keep any unwanted good shoes for us – MENS, LADIES or CHILDRENS – shoes, boots trainers which have laces or Velcro fastenings. No “slips ons” or heels.

Collecting as per the Poster will cease on 26th October – so this will be the last chance if you have considered donating . Drop off points will no longer accept shoes after this date.

Thank you to the collection points for their assistance and of course the Forfar Public who once again show their caring side and support for the work of Forfar Rotary.

19 September 2018These boots are made for Walking

These Boots are made for Walking

This week Forfar Rotarians from the International Committee spent time sorting out shoes which have been donated for our 500 Miles Appeal. We have been asked why the appeal is for pairs of shoes when it is needed for amputees. The simple answer is that a pair means that the artificial limb is fitted as well, giving a better stance and walking ability. This, as well as even when patients may have a double amputation or deformity that requires the use of life changing artificial limbs.

From the collection points in the town, the response has been great with praise from the public for the efforts of Rotarians by raising awareness of this much needed aid. It seems so simple, shoes lie in cupboards, wardrobes etc. and never see the light of day and yet can bring so much to the lives of those in Malawi and Zambia

International convenor Tim Hale has reported that to date we have over 250 pairs of shoes, ladies gents and childrens of all shapes and sizes and will keep collecting until the end of October so in his words “keep them coming”.

The background to the 500 Miles Charity

Olivia Giles was a partner in the commercial property department of a large law firm when she contracted the blood poisoning form of meningitis in February 2002, which led to the amputation of her hands and feet.

500 miles is now run solely by Olivia who has done an incredible job in getting the charity going and providing prosthetic treatment for countless children and adults in Malawi and Zambia.

Since then she has worked to raise awareness of meningitis and has raised close to £500,000 for the meningitis cause.

The appeal for shoes is not limited to adults but to children such as the plight of Collings Mazizi, he will need many pairs of shoes in his life as he grows up.

Collings Mazizi is 6 years old. He had suffered severe burns on his legs as a result of falling into a ditch where there were hot remains of a fire.  His feet were so badly burned that he had to have a through ankle amputation on one side and a partial foot amputation on the other.  These are his first prosthetic legs.  He is just starting to practise using them as the skin is still very sensitive to pressure and he cannot tolerate wearing them for more than a short period.  We hope that he will build up a tolerance, be admitted to school and go on to lead a normal life instead of being left on the scrap heap because he couldn’t walk.

12 September 2018World Health

A Healthy World

We aim to improve and expand access to low-cost healthcare in underdeveloped areas.

Our members educate and mobilise communities to help prevent the spread of major diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and polio and sponsor programmes for training health workers.

End Polio Now

Since 1985, Rotary’s key humanitarian priority has been to rid the world of polio. Polio is a virus which affects children under five and causes paralysis and even death. Rotary spearheaded the campaign at a time when there were over 1,000 cases a day in 125 countries.

Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of Rotary members and our partners, the number of cases are down by 99.9% and just a handful remain. Health worker training and vaccination programmes are essential to ensure the world is declared polio-free.

Much of the infrastructure built up as a result of Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign has been utilised across the world to tackle other diseases.

One of the biggest dates in the Rotary calendar will soon be upon us!

            World Polio Day takes place on Wednesday 24th October 2018 .
Whilst tremendous progress has been made, the final steps on any journey are often the some of the hardest and 2018 has been far from easy. To date there have been 14 wild poliovirus cases this year and positive environmental samples show that we cannot take our foot off the accelerator. This is a world wide Rotary Challenge to eradicate Polio and one that Forfar rotary contributes to.

30 August 2018John Seaton

John Seaton.

A large turn out of Rotarians attended the funeral of one of their own to pay their respects to John Seaton. John spent much of his time supporting many organisations and as such was held in high esteem by those who benefitted from his professionalism as well as friendship.

In the Rotary year 2009/2010 John's contribution to the Forfar Rotary Club was recognised when he was awarded " A Paul Harris Fellowship". This is the highest award given in Rotary and it is given to those who were deemed to have given exceptional service.

John will be sadly missed by all those he touched in his personal and professional life but his family must be proud that he has left a legacy of a life well lived

          John recieving his Paul Harris from the then President David Stobbs.


29 August 2018A Valentine to China

A Valentine to China.

Forfar Rotarian David Valentine presented a Banner and a gift from the Rotary Club of West Shanghai to Forfar President Jim McCluskey.


Here in Davids own words is the background to his latest visit

I first visited the club in November last year at the invitation of Jack Huang the General manager of Qizong Golf Club in Shanghai. I've known Jack around 16 years and he's brought Chinese golfers to Angus on several occasions. This was the first Mandarin speaking rotary club in China albeit there are no mainland Chinese members who are mostly from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia etc..

I have four good friends who are members. As well as Jack (known as "Golf"  there is Charles Soong (known as Whisky" -  the boss of Macallan whisky in the Far East (based in Shanghai), My  business partner - Tiffany Storey (Taiwanese) - she was christened Tiffany and doesnt have another handle.....  and Lynna who is otherwise known as "Coffee" because she has a coffee import business based in Indonesia..

They gave me a banner which I presented to the club in November but this time they presented me with a new one bearing their new logo which is the "Angel of peace". A war memorial was erected on the bund in Shanghai in 1924 to commemorate those who fought in the first "European War". It was demolished in 1960 to make way for some improvements to the Bund (along the river Po. They have now adopted the Angel as a symbol of their rotary club based on "Peace".

The photos show jack Huang with his rotary "Golf" badge

Also shows me exchanging a Forfar banner for a new Shanghai West banner with the new logo......

06 August 2018The Annual BBQ


Sunday BBQ courtesy of hosts Jim and Trish Kelman proved a great success and they were thanked by all who attended. President elect Doug handed over gifts from the club in appreciation of their hospitality.

A splendid day weatherwise and with two "chefs" on duty it could not fail to be a winner. The photos below need no comments as they give evidence of a lovely setting and an afternoon of fellowship.


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