12 September 2018
World Health

A Healthy World

We aim to improve and expand access to low-cost healthcare in underdeveloped areas.

Our members educate and mobilise communities to help prevent the spread of major diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and polio and sponsor programmes for training health workers.

End Polio Now

Since 1985, Rotary’s key humanitarian priority has been to rid the world of polio. Polio is a virus which affects children under five and causes paralysis and even death. Rotary spearheaded the campaign at a time when there were over 1,000 cases a day in 125 countries.

Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of Rotary members and our partners, the number of cases are down by 99.9% and just a handful remain. Health worker training and vaccination programmes are essential to ensure the world is declared polio-free.

Much of the infrastructure built up as a result of Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign has been utilised across the world to tackle other diseases.

One of the biggest dates in the Rotary calendar will soon be upon us!

            World Polio Day takes place on Wednesday 24th October 2018 .
Whilst tremendous progress has been made, the final steps on any journey are often the some of the hardest and 2018 has been far from easy. To date there have been 14 wild poliovirus cases this year and positive environmental samples show that we cannot take our foot off the accelerator. This is a world wide Rotary Challenge to eradicate Polio and one that Forfar rotary contributes to.

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