04 August 2016
Rotary Membership

Rotary Membership

What is a Rotarian ??

Do you think we are all wealthy business men who meet every week for a meal ?.

We are a load of guys who appear at official civic functions.

We are a bunch of do gooders who do not get their hands dirty.

Well if that is the image then it could not be further from the truth.

For a start we are dual gender and our current President is a Lady member who will be leading from the front.

We erected the Greenhouse and staging, repaired the drystane dyke as well as erecting the decking etc at the FOGS garden in Forfar.

We have just completed the sucessful Strathmore Classic Car Tour and raised over £15000 for Scotlands Charity Air Ambulance.

We have worked all weekend manning the pay booths at the Glamis Extravaganza.

We lay out and attend to one of the garden plots in the Boyle Park.

We were responsible for planting all the daffodils on the Glamis Road

We will be operating the Santa Sleigh in the lead up to Christmas

We will be bringing Santa to the Cross and having the lights switched on.

We will be entertaining the Handicapped and Disabled Club which is done annually.

We provide finance to individuals and organisations who ask for contributions for Local and International projects too numerous to mention.

Now the reason behind this is to encourage others to join us. Either as a fully fledged Rotarian or as a friend of Rotary willing to assist when we have new projects to undertake and need a willing pair of hands. You do not necessarily need to be a business owner to contribute to the community through Rotary. The list of what we do is endless.

INTERESTED then get in touch and we will do the rest. Just fill in your details on the “Feedback Button” in our website www.forfarrotary.org.uk

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Forfar Golf Driving Range at North MainsPractice Makes Perfect.Open all Year.Professional advice - Farm Coffee Shop. For our website please click the heading. 01307 464999
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