09 February 2017
Victoria Hendry

Victoria Hendry

President Paula Elvin paid a home visit to hand over a cheque to Lisa Ritchie for £500 towards an appeal for her daughter Victoria. The appeal touched the hearts of all Forfar Rotarians and it was decided to make this a priority. This, commented President Paula, is another example of making good our promise to assist in the community.

Victoria Hendry is a happy 10 year old girl from Forfar, who has been diagnosed with a rare form of Epilepsy called SCN8A. There are only approx 100 children worldwide with this diagnosis.
Unfortunately due to this condition she is a full time wheelchair user and she is also tube fed and has global development delay (GDD). Victoria currently uses an NHS wheelchair which is uncomfortable for her. She also has no seat in her house as the NHS will not provide one, and Victoria is not able to sit in a standard chair as it is unsafe for her to do so.

The appeal is looking to raise funds to purchase a Kiddo wheelchair and a special Panda Future 5 house chair for her which would help make Victoria comfortable both out and about and within her home.

Her mother Lisa Ritchie, explained that until recently Victoria had a special chair provided by the NHS, which she has now outgrown. They will not provide another, despite the fact she needs a special chair, as she falls off normal chairs. They have provided her with a "standard" NHS wheelchair, which Victoria finds very uncomfortable, and she is developing a curve in her spine due to the lack of support.

A wheelchair is going to cost approximately £7,000, and a special chair for her to sit in a further approximated figure of £3,000.

Anyone considering a donation can do so on line at the Justgiving website under the name Victoria Hendry or if it makes it easier you can contact Forfar Rotary Club and we will make sure it goes direct to the Appeal.

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