21 December 2016
A POP UP Shop Story


Having intended to run a POP UP Shop much earlier in the year, Forfar Rotary started collecting donations in the summer to stock the shop. The use of an empty shop was subsequently offered and preparations began well. Unfortunately this goodwill offer was then withdrawn, leaving the club with a problem.

As the months went by the club investigated and approached numerous owners of empty shops to no avail. Then in November, a good Samaritan in the shape of Mr. Bill Watson allowed us the use of his shop in West High Street (formerly Sharp Music) and although it was already a busy time for the Rotary Club with the huge undertaking of the Santa Programme,we decided to “go for it”!


The stock was quickly assembled from various storage points and within the week the shop was up and running. Would-be Rotary shop assistants manned the shop and within two weeks goods were sold and the job was done.

Many Thanks from the International Committee for your custom and the kind donations of goods to stock the shop. The response was immediate and in the two weeks of opening The Rotary Club achieved what they set out to do. The money raised was a highly respectable £1190 and as everyone will know from the news there are endless calls for humanitarian aid across the globe so we will ensure the money is allocated appropriately and quickly.

Again, Forfar Rotary Club thanks the citizens of Forfar for their tremendous support. Proof, if proof were needed, that the heart of Forfar still beats strong!


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