03 November 2016
Thank You Tesco


Forfar Rotary Club are indebted to the Forfar Tesco Branch for allowing us to site our Wishing-Well in the store over the past few months.

We are always astounded at the generosity of the Forfar public who support us by donating their loose change. Now loose change does not always mean copper and silver but £1 coins and amazingly a couple of £10 notes. 

So it really goes without saying that the sum of £377.45 counted after the Wishing-Well was removed is really appreciated and in this occasion the money will go into the International Funds. As we are sure you know, there are always appeals for coping with natural disasters as well as those for the poor people caught up in war zones etc. There will never be enough money but at least Rotary does care and every penny donated goes to assist people with nothing taken in administation costs.

                                                     AN APPEAL


If any other Stores would be willing to let us place the Wishing-Well in their store for a limited period then Forfar Rotary would be grateful. We know space it important in the stores but the wishing-well does not need a lot of room and it needs no staff involvement. If you can help then make contact with us, in the first instance by using the website www.forfarrotary.org.uk

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