18 April 2013
Food Bank Donations

The need for emergency help with food has been increasing over the past few years with food banks springing up all over the UK. The local churches in Forfar via The Salvation Army have been making this provision for about Eight years now and the numbers seeking this help now has increased locally to a very worrying level. We can be asked to provide up to ten food parcels a day.  Those seeking help includes teenagers who are living on their own coping with barriers and, more so now, families both those in work and those on benefits. Our policy is that we will not refuse anyone with a genuine need.  ID is required and details are recorded to avoid multiple requests and to stop people using us as a free branch of Tesco or Asda. People are referred to us from Citizen's Advice, the Homeless Unit, Social Work and local churches. Items given in answer to a request for help would include tinned soup, a main course, veg, beans, custard and fruit as well as tea bags, coffee and long life milk and sugar.  A few days supply would be given and, if children are involved crisps or a sweet may be given. The first date for collection of items is the 1st May so Rotarians are reminded to drop off their contributions on that date. Members of the public can also donate by contacting any Rotarian. The Rotary Club of Forfar are proud to be involved in this needy request.



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