04 November 2011
Rotarians Entertain

Forfar Rotarians Entertain.


This week the Rotarians of Forfar made their annual visit to the Handicapped and Disabled Club bringing to it a night of light hearted fun and entertainment. With MC for the night Ian Findlay accompanied by Allan Morrison on the accordion.Fully supported by fellow Rotarians they were soon indulging in Community Singing, Bingo and a Quiz. The highlight, which has become tradition, was the singing and performing the actions of Wacky Wacky, a song from Ian's scouting days. The sight of Rotarians trying to perform the actions is indeed a scene of great hilarity for the assembled company as the words incompetent do not even go close to describing their attempts.

The Handicapped and Disabled Club along with their committee were also treated to a supper, the food, served by Rotarians was generously provided by the Forfar Branch of Tesco supplemented with a selection of sandwiches prepared by Rotarians wives.

The evening was concluded by a short message from Vice President Tim Hale, thanking Allan Morrison and the Rotarians who helped on the night.He added that as the Rotary Club had enjoyed the night so much that they have already pencilled in a return visit next year and he hoped the Handicappped and Disabled Club had enjoyed the night as much as the Rotarians.

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