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With the weeks now counting down to Marafun Day on May 25 th, you will now have the first few weeks of training under your belt. Hopefully, you have established a running routine and you are already starting to experience the rewards of regular running.

These may include feeling more energised. Or you may have felt the " Runner's High," due to the "feel good" brain chemicals that are released during running. Furthermore, you may be starting to see a change in your body shape due to all the additional calories that you will be burning whilst running.

These figures published by The Department of Health (2004) shows how beneficial running is at burning calories compared to other forms of exercise.

What a 60kg person burns in 30 minutes:

  • running (6mph): 300 calories
  • tennis (singles): 240 calories
  • swimming (slow crawl): 240 calories
  • cycling (12-14mph): 240 calories
  • aerobic dancing: 195 calories
  • fast walking (4mph): 150 calories

So, you can only imagine how good you are going to look and feel by the time Marathon Day comes around!

One important tip, to keep you injury free, is the need to engage in some light stretching after each run.

Recent research tells us that it is not necessary to stretch before we run (light walking is a good enough warm up). However, it is important to stretch after exercise. This is because our muscles contract and shorten as we exercise. So, it is important to stretch after exercise in order to return our muscles to their normal resting length. Otherwise, the flexibility of our muscles will decrease over time and this will then limit the movement in our joints which can lead to injury.

The main muscles to stretch are the calf, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. It is important to stretch gently and not into pain. Never bounce when stretching as this can cause injury. Stretching each muscle three times with a 15 to 20 second hold is sufficient.

If you have a joint injury or a strained muscle, then you need to be cautious, as stretching in this case can lead to further damage.

So, get your running shoes ready as here are weeks 3 to 8 of your Angus Rotary Marafun Training Guide.


Just click on the link below for further training tips and schedules:


Training Guide 1 March 2014







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